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Weight-Training for Osteoperosis: Whole-Body Resistance is best

Posted on 12 August, 2017 at 21:00

There is good news on the osteoperosis front, and it comes in the form of weight training.

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes loss of bone density. As both men and women age, osteoperosis can make our bones brittle.

The good news is resistance training has been proven to increase bone density.

Science also tells us the body adapts to the forces we place on it. This means that, to get the maximum benefit of our resistance training, all of the resistance needs to be placed on the entire frame of the body.

The big difference between sitting on a chest press machine and lying on a bench is this: with the latter, the entire weight presses down on the skeletal system. Try these tips for better bone density.

Split Squat: Place one foot approximatly a stride length forward. Bend both of your knees to 90 degrees, then press up using the quads, hamstrings and glutes (Front and back of the legs and butt). repeat 12 to 15 times. This will help with bone density, cardio, leg strength and balance. Once you are comfortable with the exercise you can hold dumbells to create more resisitance.

Overhead Barbell Press: Lift a barbell chin height. Bend your knees slightly and press the barbell overhead. The key here is to not arch the back. As the weight lifts higher you shoud feel increasing pressure on your feet. This will tell you if your form is correct and that the weight is being supported by your skelatal system. aim for three to five sets, 12-15 reps.

*Be careful not to arch your back. If we arch the back with weight on it, we could possibly compress vertabrae and risk injury.

Standing Calf Raises: Pick up two dumbells, relax your arms and shoulders. Roll up onto the balls of your feet. Aim for three to five sets, 12 -15 reps. By relaxing the upper body we can better place the resitance on our skelatal system. I also like this exercise because it will increase tension on your connective tissue. Making us stronger and less prone to injury.

Categories: Weight Training, Fitness

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