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Get in Shape With David



Four easy tips to combat type 2 diabetes.

Posted on 31 July, 2017 at 22:15
One year and four months ago I was diagnosed with Type two diabetes. At the time I had a couple of injuries that really hampered my workouts, imagine my surprise when my doctor and I had that conversation. Long story short I managed to drop my A1c in half allowing me to stop taking my insulin. To be on the safe side I still test my blood sugar levels three times a day. On my last Dr. visit I was told to keep doing what I am doing, so here are some tips to keep our blood sugars at reasonable levels. 1. Drinking lots of water aids in keeping our metabolism running high during the day. The better your body does this, the better it becomes at utilizing the sugar in our muscles for energy. 2. Eating smaller meals gives your body what it can handle at the moment. As soon as we start overeating the excess sugar in our system builds up and can cause blood sugars to spike. 3. Choose carbs carefully throughout the day. if your eating toast in the morning you don't need a sub for lunch. Personally, I find 20 grams of carbs per meal is my magic number. 4. Most Doctors recommend exercise to lose weight in order to drop blood sugar levels, and that's true. But if you need a larger drop than what you have been getting or cardio isn't working well for you, it's time to weight train. Weight training boosts metabolism for almost 48 hours after your workout. Imagine what weight training can do on a five day a week schedule. More importantly; diabtes is caused by muscle resistance to insulin, which is used to transport sugar to the muscles where it can be converted to energy . Weight training large muscle groups at a fairly fast pace need more energy. This energy comes from the built up sugars in our bodies.

Categories: Diet, Fitness, Weight Training

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